Challenges to building early momentum


Given constraints of resources and people’s established commitments to other work, it is likely that only a small group will be available to get the ball rolling. The early work of developing an issue can be relatively lonely and uncertain for those undertaking it. Looking back on successful processes, it is easy to lose sight of the uncertainty and insecurity that often accompany the first stages of coalition work. Building a small enthusiastic community, with trust in each other, is the key task.

Some challenges to this, and to building a sense of urgency, might be:

  • Too many demands on people’s time where natural partners on an issue are locked into too many established streams of work.
  • Feelings of disempowerment if people working on these early issues have not been achieving their goals.
  • Stagnation, in the event the sector has become professionalised to the point of not challenging how these issues are being addressed or how work is done.


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